Freedom Through Online Business $900

If you want to join this class or get access to the self-study course, email me at for the next steps. 

How to start an online business from the trenches. There is a ton of information on kimanzi-freedom-online-business-300x300how to start and generate income from an online business. It can be confusing, frustrating, and contradictory. This course is designed to give you clarity and a strategy that will help you build an online business that makes money.

Most of us don’t have a ton of money to spend starting or growing an online business, so this course is created to help you build without breaking your budget.

What the Course Includes: 

  • Three one hour or so sessions.
  • Screen shared instructions. I will walk you through everything you through a screen share. You will see all the behind the scenes strategies.
  • A private Facebook group for questions and accountability.
  • Actionable strategy. You will walk with a plan and business you can generate income from.
  • NO HYPE. I hate hype. This class is fluff-free.

What the Course Covers: 

Module One: Foundation

  • How to put together a website.
  • What pages should be on a website, what should be on those pages, and why.
  • What plugins and widgets you should use and why.
  • Email list 101: Where sign up boxes should go, what your freebie should be, and how to get people to sign up.

Module Two: Growth  

  • How to get traffic (lots of it).
  • How to build your email list.
  • Making relationships and leverage.
  • Focus. What you should be spending your time on to get the most bang for your buck.

Module Three: Income

  • The best ways to monetize and why.
  • The products and services you should create and why.
  • How to scale into a $5,000 a month business.
  • How to create passive income.

Freedom Through Online Business $900

If you want to join this class or get access to the self-study course, email me at for the next steps. 
18 comments on “Freedom
  1. Maureen Quillopo says:

    Count me in! I need to learn and I need it to be from the best. Thank you for offering this class at such a great price.

  2. Randy Wilburn says:


    This looks like a great program that many can and will benefit from. I hope you sell out!


    Randy Wilburn

  3. Sean says:

    I’m signed up for the course. Looking forward to it!

  4. Daryl says:

    Hi Kimanzi, Just wondered if I need to already have a product to benefit from the class. I don’t have one at the moment to sell.

    • kimanzic says:

      Aloha Daryl. No, you don’t need a product to benefit 🙂

  5. Kimanzi,
    I signed up and am looking forward to these classes. Here on the US East coast I suspect that the 3 classes will be at 8 PM our time on each date, correct?
    I really want to move ahead in this blogging thing. Thanks

  6. Chris Diaz says:

    count me in! I’ll register asap

  7. Sean says:

    The CST timezone is Hawaii time? I think that is 3 hrs ahead of Mointain Time?

  8. Ann Manginelli says:

    Just signed up! Very excited!

  9. Janie says:

    I signed up and I’m ready for take-off!

  10. Karen Leeds says:

    Kimanzi, I promised myself I wouldn’t sign up for any more courses (I was taking 6 at one time). But clearly, you are irresistible. So even though I am taking 3 at once, and this is number 4, I am going for it. Thanks again for the 100% sharing you do. It really does make a huge difference. All my best, Karen

  11. Joelle says:

    You mentioned that classes are recorded. Does that mean we don’t have to be present at the live class? That’s a difficult time for us to make.

  12. cliff says:

    Ok I’m in…I am serious…This year is going to be EPIC… That is my word to describe my accomplishments that I will achieve in 2016…EPIC

  13. Just took this class in January. Took homework and actually did it. I had to revamp my whole site. 3 months later my first article is published on a large publication. This class delivers.

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